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Sane Friends


Recently I bought a bunch of black socks for work. They fit great and are very comfortable. The bad part is the lint. Black lint now plagues me. It's on my floor, bed, clothes, etc. They've scarred any dust bunnies I had out of the house. Dark clothes aren't bad, but light ones forget about it. This cancer needs to be removed. I thought after a few washes the problem would go away. No such luck.

Looking forward to seeing Law girl tonight at their Happy Hour place. Her WooHoo Sistahs are very important to her. So I think this is a test to see what both sides say. What the girls think of me and hopefully see another side of her. I'm hoping we can rent a movie and hang out afterwards. On the agenda: a longer kiss and being able to read her better.

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Good luck tonight. I hope it's fun!

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