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Sane Friends

Happy Monday

Getting out of bed this morning was not happy. I felt the hour difference and my body didn't want to get up. So I slept in the extra hour and planned on going to the gym tonight. However a new patient with good insurance came in (woohoo!).

Law girl's bosses were back in the office so she was busy today and the emails were slower today. I'll give her a call later to see when we can see each other again.

Talking to the aide at my Mom's place I think she had another stroke. The aide said Mom was having a harder time standing to go to the bathroom. I noticed last week when I asked her a question it was a lot different the way she answered. Where the hell it the big one? These tiny ones suck.

And Law girl makes an appearance.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

So sorry about your mom!
LawGirl is very pretty! Yay!

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