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Lying around in bed thinking as I like to do on the weekend just because I can. I have to admit with Law girl I'm not nervous which is nice. The lulls bother me, but I remember when I use to have them with L. She was just la de da and they passed. It was one of the things I learned from her. Law girl said she she was shy and I think it comes out in these little things. so I thought this morning what do I want from her. There is always something in the women I date. With her I realize it's a relationship. Weird answer I know, but it was the first thing that came to mind. Now I just have to make sure that I don't force anything.

Last week I had let the Painter go. I was really getting tired of hearing how busy she was, but she did find time to do things except meet for coffee. So I just let it drop and see what would happen. It took a while and I got missive that didn't focus on how busy she is. So I responded and today she asked if tomorrow would be good to meet. She still isn't fully committing which I don't like. So we'll see.

I do want to thank Jen and Steph this morning. I didn't fully connect with Law girl last night. When this happens my minds can get screwy and I look for another connection to satisfy me. It's never healthy and usually I can work through it, but not this morning. The only reason I came on what to see if L was on. I would have pushed to connect with her today when its not the direction I want to go. So when I logged in both you ladies comments were there. It popped my bubble letting me know the reality that I wanted. Thanks.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

My suggestion would be to not think too much. I tend to that, nothing good seems to come from it.


Enjoy the lovely Law Girl. She sounds like fun and that's always a good point.

I agree with Jen, thinking too much gets you no where...

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