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Sane Friends

Post Date Report

Well I picked up Law girl at her house and got to meet her very playful dog Buddy. We went for sushi and on the way in I held her hand which she liked. A lot of the night I would test patterns to see where I stood. Anyway Sakura's didn't let me down, the food was excellent. Law girl really enjoyed it and it was the right amount of food. I was glad I came prepared since we did finish early so I suggested Starbucks and the game.

The funny thing is that both times I've taken her to Starbucks they get whatever drink she wants wrong. Tonight was 4 shots of espresso in her mochiatto. Jeez I would of have to pull her off the ceiling.

The game was a nice way to learn about each other. I saw that she came from a normal family and she quickly picked up I had a colorful upbringing. I enjoyed talking to her, but there are a lot of lulls in the conversation. When we are talking it is great, but then it dies down and it's a little energy to get it in the air again. So it is here that I'm not quite sure if there is enough spark. Other than that I like her. She's attractive, witty, and smart. So I'll continue and see where it goes.

I did fully realize that I'm in the driver's seat here. The hand holding she liked, but I had to initiate. The arm around her the same thing. The kiss she still acts shy with and it will be something I will cross beyond the peck next time. I am always the advancing infantry if I'm not stopped.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Sounds like a good date overall.
I'd say go for whatever you're feeling in the mood for, if she doesn't like it, she can always say no, right?


Well at least it wasn't a disaster. Maybe the lulls in conversation were just nerves.

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