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Sane Friends

Tired Tuesday

Having family around is churning up a few things for me. Bizarre dreams that I can't remember. Add to that staying up late and getting up early, I'm tired. However the weather is great. We took our Mom outside today to get some sun. She was a little more interactive. My Brother wanted to see how much she remembered. She remembered my Dad, and he friends. Didn't remember our other brother, her first husband or her last boyfriend. After a while she got tired of the questions. My SIL got blasted out of the water today. She was like I'm tired with a four year old. The volunteer she was talking to was like she does spinning classes and yoga and she was 80. She wasn't taking any excuses from her.

I got to show off my office to them which was fun and then we headed over to the beach since I had a reschedule. It was nice to relax in the sun in February. It's in the mid 70's here for some reason. Let me tell you dance class is going to be difficult tonight.

Okay for all you die hard readers who made it this far here is all the juicy stuff. L emailed me again. Jeez lady. For someone who dumped me you keep contacting me. I have to admit she is persistent. It's a relationship that will never be what I want it to be. She made it just over a month this time. So we'll see how long it is to the next one. I guess it will probably be opportunity.

Then my affair patient called wanting an appointment since she was off. All I had was late in the afternoon since I already made plans with my family and she's never that bad off. She couldn't make that which was no biggie for me. Then she was like did I grab lunch? I'm going to need to talk to this lady.

Hmm I seem to be attracting women just not the right ones.
(I'm getting tired of no spell check)

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