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Post Date Report

I know some of you don't go to bed until I post these so here it is.

I'll actually start at the end then go back to the begining. I wasn't nervous the whole date. Then she needed to go so I asked if she wanted to do it again. She said yes and then it hit me. The anxiety slammed into my like a frieght train. I tell you I was light headed. After a kiss and a hug I got in my car and LMAO. I was just trying not to stumble I was so light headed. After a few minutes I was better and finally stopped laughing.

I got thier early as normal. The usual Starbucks crew was there. I threw them though by sitting down. They were all ready to make my drink and me not asking for it was throwing them off. I told them I was waiting for someone and that calmed them down. So it was freezing in there since it was like 30 degrees outside. Law girl was a few minutes late and I was getting ready to order something cause I was cold.

First off I wasn't totally sure it was her. She looked a lot better than her pictures. Soon as I walked to the counter the crew went to work on my drink an it was done quick while her basic drink to a while. It was a fun time. She's very funny and almost had me choking a couple of times which became a running joke throughout the evening.

So I'm looking forward to seeing her again. However my next week is pretty busy with stuff already planned. I'll call her and fnd out what nights are good for her and schedule from there.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm so glad you had a good date!! I can't imagine having to get back out there. Scary!!!


Ahhh, dating. Don't miss that a bit!

Actually, that's not true. I miss the spark, the jitters, the excitement. I don't miss getting shot down. The never-ending first dates that I went on after my divorce from my first husband.

Seems that having your husband leave you for a guy runs off all potential boyfriends...


MIKE!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! That Getty feeling is the best and I hope it last! Yes, it is scary going back on the dating scene as you and I have mentioned..but stay strong and keep on laughing......




Sounds very promising! Yay!

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