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Sane Friends

The Weekend Part 2

Saturday was the worse of sick days for me. I was dizzy and feverish. What was great was that Eric slept late which never happens. We got a late start, but Eric was off. At McDonald's and at the Children's museum. We ended up leaving after 15-30 minutes. He was too upset. We ended going right back home and relaxing. It lead to the talk about attitudes. I told him I didn't want to be cruel, but it's almost 4 years and the family is not getting back together. I was sad that we didn't see each other more, but I really worked to enjoy the time we did have together. Not focusing on how much I missed him when we were together. I pointed out how the day really became not fun and he agreed. I told him I really didn't know how to help him with it. When I was in his spot I didn't want to see my Dad and I was always waiting for it to end.

He does have an ungodly amount of anxiety when he is with me and I'm not quite sure why.

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