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At some point I'm going to poop out. I went to bed way too late last night and I needed to be up at 6 this morning. Ugh. It was worth it thought. Yesterday was the last day my Brother and family were in town. Our Mom was good and the daily visits had her in good spirits, but she doesn't want to get better so it won't last.

My Brother and I talked about growing up with our psychotic Mom with my SIL asking questions and shaking her head. My Brother being older has a different perspective than I. So it was interesting hearing about how it is to grow up in poverty. How certain things just stay with you and there hard to lose. A lot of it only changes when you deal with people outside your zone. This last year with really expanding my circle of contacts do I see the world through different eyes, especially financially. It's hard moving past a survival mentality.

Some interesting things we did decide was that our oldest brother Mike since first born statistically had the best chances became the worse of us. Here is a guy who wrote his first book at 8, but just somewhere along the way lost it.

I was surprised to find out my middle Brother marries/relationships to move up socio-econmically. Me safety kind of drives me.
The best part of it was talking someone who went though it. I retell stories with people, but it's not the same. My Dad running across lawns trying to run people over, my Grandfather ready to kill his wife and kids with a gun, underage prostitutes in the house, etc. My SIL had the same face my therapist use to have of how are you guys not sociopaths. LOL.

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