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Sane Friends

Friday Night

Looking forward to my date with Law girl tonight. We're going for sushi, but one thing I learned from the Florist that can go by fast. So I been trying to think up some backup plans for afterwards. I can't get tickets to the Funny Bone till 10:30 which would be a long ways off. There is a pool place around the corner. I think I will suggest Starbucks and a game. I have Lifestories which is a good getting to know someone game. So we'll see. I'll pick up a flower and clean the car later on.

The totally weird thing is that L contacted me yesterday saying she dreamed she walked into Starbucks and I was on a date with someone from the legal profession. Whoa! Pretty freaky. She then went into us in a threesome, but L is always sexual.

OMG it feels so good to be just about over this cold.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

How random...I was in Virginia this particular weekend and we were trying to get tickets to the 10:30pm Funnybone show too!

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