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The Weekend Part 1

Well I didn't realize how cold I was sitting there with Law girl until I got home. So when I went to bed I through on some PJ's. I know losing some cool points, but I was cold. Anyway 2 hours later I was sweating and had to take them off, but the damage was done. I couldn't fall back to sleep. So the only way I get sick is not to get enough sleep. So I was sick for the weekend. Since I wasn't sleeping I left early in hopes of having more time for the bad weather. It wasn't needed. No one was on the road. It was sleeting and freezing rain, but it was nice to be on the Jersey Turnpike and look around and not see another car.

I picked Eric up early and he was happy about that. Every other time I see him he is in an awkward phase. This was one of those times. The gangly kid. All over sized limbs and such. I almost wanted to laugh. My ex started with all her complaints when the door opened. Part of my mind was almost about to say I would do something to help, but the route to my mouth has been forever severed. So I just stood there.

I was extremely bummed that the major present for Eric the marble mania was missing pieces. We couldn't really play it. I'll call later today to get the parts so he can play. He did enjoy the book and the Robots movie.

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