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Well I'm preparing for my trip to see my son this weekend. As always gas prices have rose when I do this. Only this time they shot up 30 cents in the last 3 days. We just blew past the $3 mark like it wasn't even there. Unfuckingbelievable! I have a few worries this time. It's suppose to sleet tonight and then warm up tomorrow. However I'll be out of here before the warm up. So I'm hoping the Bay bridge tunnel will be okay. I have my reservations driving 20 miles across open water after a sleet storm. NY itself is suppose to get 1-3 inches which in itself is nothing, but will probably make the Jersey Turnpike a nightmare. Not that it needs a reason to screw with you. Other than that I'm really looking forward to seeing Eric. I feel bad for him. Usually he has school to occupy him when I come visit him, but tomorrow he'll be home on vacation. He's going to be bouncing off the walls all day long.

Game Night went really well last night and a core group seems to be forming for it. Everyone looks forward to it and to the next one. We did find out the Buck Naked's wife's name is Mona Lot.

Tonight I have my date with Law Girl. I'm looking forward to it. I did realize that dating Spa girl did help me out. In dating a woman that I was totally not nervous about I've seen how it all flows with out the anxiety. So it really decreased any anxiety in any date since then. So we'll see.

The Teacher and I still talk, but my interest is waining. Nice person to talk to, but there's no spark of vitality that I like. The Florist still hints at dating and she can keep hinting if she wants, but it ain't happening. L is still emailing me little snippets to arouse my interest and other things. Jeez when did I get this list of women.

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Hope you have a fun and safe trip to see Eric.
A list, wow! Look who's popular now! ; )

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