Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends

I Surprise Myself

I got home from work last night and worked out some and then it happened. I didn't feel like being alone last night. I could have drove the 30 minutes to dance with everyone. The problem was that even though I like everyone, being around a group of twenty somethings just wasn't going to do it. I really wanted to be around someone my own age. Looking online I saw that L was online. So I figured she's emailing me every two months hinting to get back together. I don't want to get back together, but she's a great person to go out to eat with. I've never gelled with a person before with food, but with her I do. So I figured some sushi. She never responded back. I knew she was on and off all night so I know she wasn't doing anything else. With L it's that power struggle thing. She can be the one pulling the strings, but she's not comfortable the other way around. It's one of the reasons were not together.

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