Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends


Well after 12 hours sleep I seem to be on the mend. I feel a little off since I missed half the day, but it feels great to feel better. Now if I can keep moving in this direction.

Between each of us taking trips my Landlord and myself haven't really gotten a chance to sit down for dinner in a while. We're from 2 different generations completely, but it works for me. Father figures were never positive ones for me and while we disagree on several things he does have a good heart in helping out people and kids in problem situations. Anyway it was nice to catch up. It will be something I will miss if I ever moved out. While it would be nice to have my own place. Being completely by myself would be a drag after a while.

With Law girl I don't think I'm giving her more power than I should. My gut tells me it's reality intruding on my mind. If she likes me there must be something good about me. Years ago my therapist use to point this out to me as I was growing emotionally. It still hits ever once and a while. I'm better at this. Last weekend with Eric I was able to point out all the good stuff to myself that I was doing which was big since I usually can stay in the negative zone. My worry is that it hits when we are together like it did last week. Let me tell you getting her phone number, walking her to her car, a kiss and a hug with my head spinning was really surreal.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

wouldn't it be easier to just enjoy being with people-dates or your son, whatever-why the need to overanalyze everything?? It's not wrong, I just don'ty understand it. It just seems like alot of wasted energy.

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