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Sane Friends


Not the book, but the year I gradulated from West Babylon High School. Anyway I was sitting here with free time since it is reschedule day and I started thinking about people from high school. So I figured I would take a gander on one of these sites to see what people are up to. Looking at the list, the first thing that came to mind was who the hell are these people? I was in class with all these people? I think 3-4 names looked familiar which is interesting since I went to a VERY Italian neighborhood high school. I mean Sopranos family picnic type.

Anyway as usual no brain cells were wasted in remembering any guy's names. The few women I remembered were married and hopefully happily. It didn't say much. Teenage years were not a fun time for me and I think the 5th high school I attended I didn't really care about meeting anyone else. However it was a nice school and people were overall nice to the new guy. When I left I never looked back and 24 years later I can't remember shit.

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