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Sane Friends

Don't Ever ...

I had a Health Fair today. It was fun and since I know everyone at the rec center I got top billing. It's good to know people. Anyway it's almost over and I suddenly realize I haven't talked to one crazy person the whole show. Now someone nuts always stops by and talks my ear off. Normally I have the power to turn invisible and I avoid these squirrel chow people like a crack whore looking for a job. Not 10 seconds after I made this realization than this 84 year old lady comes up and starts talking to me. I'm sitting, it's a noisy room, and she's a low talker. Now I know she's not saying anything important at least I hope so since I'm saying "that's good" and laughing. I don't think she was saying her children died horribly be being burned alive while they were vomitting from food poisoning. This goes on for a few minutes. I'm sitting really don't have to say anything so I'm good. Anyway her husband (90)finally shows up telling her that as soon as he leaves her alone she's talking to all the good looking men. She answers, "well he is." I laughed my ass off. I got to see their wedding pictures and we called it a day.

The only other thing was this chiropractic assistant that was there for the doctor. She didn't look very thrilled to be there. But when she walked across the room I had to literally hold my jaw from hitting the floor. She was tits and ass on legs. It was like some surgeon said guys like T & A so lets make them mobile so more men can see them and enjoy.

I can't remember who had a meme on the Ten Commandments. However one of them should be DON"T EVER park six inches from my car when it's pouring out and I don't have an umbrella. If it hadn't taken me 5 minutes to climb into my car I would of banged on your window about learning how to park, jerk wad.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I think that finger said it eloquently... It is quite the aggro wehn someone parks so close to you that you can't get in !


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