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Sane Friends

24 Hour Wrap Up

I was hanging out last night. My first night actually all week being home to relax instead of doing something. Anyway I was kind of sad with the thought of how much of the little things I miss out of Eric's life. When we're together and something big happens he always wants to call his mom. I get some of them and I'm always grateful to get them. So I was surprised to get a mid day call from him today. He was feeling down cause he was having a run of bad luck. Not sure what the streak was since it wasn't affecting him in most ways. It seem like he was just down and in a negative mood. So we talked about how if you focus on bad things that's all that seems to happen. If he thought about all the good stuff it would probably change his luck. So he seemed good with it and I was happy with the phone call.

Boy I'm tired today from a week of fun. I really wanted to sleep in today, but I got up for a patient that didn't show. I hate it when that happens.

Well the Teacher didn't go for the friends thing. Her loss. In my search I'm surprised that many women still want to pop some more babies out. Since I don't I'm steering clear. Have to admit that it does cut into the herd though. Anyway onto the Painter. I actually went a little higher in age than I normally do (48). However she paints, dances, spiritual, high energy, big into music. So I had to make the connection. So far so good.

Tomorrow my Bro and family will be here for 5 days to visit our Mom. It will be good to see everyone. By the time they leave my Landlord will be gone for 10 days on his vacation. Woohoo the house to myself. The air guitar lives.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

So if you met "the one" and she wanted kids, you'd end it?


Steph - I don't know if there is a "one". I'm up front about how I feel so I doubt it would get off the ground. Most women who want kids say it by the second date.


Ha!! Try finding a guy our age that DOESN'T have kids ... talk about the proverbial needle in a haystack!

Sorry the friends thing didn't work out. I know how you feel.. there have been a few that I wouldn't mind "hanging out" with but they aren't inclined to take a back seat like that.

Oh well...as you say...their loss. :)

Happy Superbowl day!! Go Giants! ha.ha..ha...

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