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Sane Friends

The Weekend Part 3

I was really surprised that Eric slept late again. He never does this. I was surprised to hear him say that he slept better when he is not home. When we talked about it he has bugs in his room. Some spiders and the such. I gave him some hints. One would be to keep his room clean. The other would be to use a broom to get rid of the critters. It was hard to hear the squalor that he is probably living in. I know I don't make much, but it's good quality. The life must be like the inside of my ex's head.

Anyway Eric was doing better today and he wanted to see the white beach. The snow was still evident on the sand and it was a cool thing. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and then back to the Children's museum. We had a lot of fun and he got the usual sadness when I dropped him off.

I hammered it on the way home last night. I've done the trip enough I know the cop areas and usually shadow someone else. However after 20 years my luck ran out and I got a speeding ticket last night. It was a new spot. I had to admit I was okay with it. In the past I would usually drop back to some taking it personal and I was a bad person. I didn't go there and I was grateful for it. So even with the ticket I made the run in under 6 hours which usually takes 6.5. Not bad.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm sorry you got that ticket. But otherwise it seems like you boys enjoyed your weekend together! : )

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