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Tuesday Thoughts

Well I graduated from my second salsa class. Looking forward to starting the next in 2 weeks. Since I'm in town this week I'll hit the seminar and jam to learn some more moves and have some fun. I really like to see some of the guest guys dance so I can see what they do.

Brush fires still run wild south of here and boy you can smell the smoke here. It's actually not bad. Kind of has that fireplace smell. It's way better from when they control fire some of the swamp each year, let me tell you.

I was bummed today to find out my OVDC's next door neighbor was already seeing someone. We chatted quickly last week and as my friend says she's really attractive. Yes I know. she made it clear that she was still looking out for me and I'm doing well with all her married friends. Doesn't do me any good, but it's a nice ego boost. Which is good since Match is getting really tired really fast.

Looking over my Wellness chart and feel good with everything except my finances. So I'm meeting with Loan Lady tomorrow about seeing what's in my future. Also I'm talking to the Advisor to see what I can do financially with everything I already have to see what I can sqeek out. I just want to cover all my bases as best I can. It's still hard with money tight, but I want to do the best I can and have a direction to be moving in.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

What did the laon lady say, Mike ? Hopefully good new with interest rates coming down...

Match sucks... I hated it too, if that's any consolation. It's not fun weeding people out when it'd be way easier/faster in person without going through the whole thing.

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