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Well I had my early morning date with the Teacher this morning. My friend joked with me since I called her a lady. He wanted to know how old she was and I said 46. I'm 41 so its not a stretch at all. What can I say she was nice, attractive, and returned maybe 30% of my serves. When I'm deal with people I'm knocking the ball into your court. How the ball is served back into my court tells me about you. While I felt she had a nice time and I had fun I was tired of carrying it all. The good thing was that any anxiety was pretty minimal when I was meeting her. I have to admit it went different than I thought. I figured it would be pretty black and white with us. Either there would be chemistry or not. There was some there, but I think she is still finding herself. I'll probably let here know that I would be happy to be friends cause she is really a nice person. Made some good friends that way so far.

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Making more friends is always nice.

Nice change in blog. Love the hat.


I know exactly what you mean. If someone sits across from me and can't keep up with the banter I feel like I'm carrying the whole load and quickly lose interest.


Sounds like a nice date, even if it does only amount to friendship. But what do you mean when you say you think she's still trying to find herself? At 46?


LJ - Thanks. She didn't go for the friends.

Travistee - I'm happy she was a nice person or it would have been a REAl short date.

Jen - She was married for 23 years and like she said. When she got engaged she put her stuff on the back burner. Now all this time later she's picking it back up.


ah, I see... I guess I'm not there and it seems hard to imagine.
Good luck with dating, I know it can be hard (from experience ;)


Jen - well hopefully you'll never make that choice. I think in taking away from your ownself you hurt the relationship. It takes two and if your not fully a one theirs going to be problems.

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