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Sane Friends

In the Arms of Morpheus

I'm back home and younger. My Mom and her boyfriend Larry are there. I want to watch Godfather Part 3 on the TV (bad movie about family, violence, and other dysfunctions). I make a comment and their is a problem with Larry. My Mom as usual wants to placate everything and act as all is okay to keep stability (she's done this with violence, thefts, etc. and as her son have picked up the trait). I've always gone along with this even though it doesn't sit right with me. My words become more troublesome as they leave my lips (as I begin to choke on my own words). So I know I must do something. I'm older and I call Larry to talk. I'm bigger than him (now I'm the grown up in the situation and have no cringing fear). I ask him what the problem is. He responds that my comment was "insipid" (the first time I every had to look up a word after a dream. Insipid - lacking taste, dull. I see we are back to the big words and put downs). I cut in to his words and apologize for it. Then when it is my turn I tell him what is unacceptable to me. He says he must leave then. I'm good with that and he disappears.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Larry sounds like a serious jerk. Glad you stuck up for yourself and he left.

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