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It's Tony Montoya

Tony Montoya taught us salsa today. I kid you not. Right down to the scar. It was freakin' weird. He was a good dancer, but an okay teacher. Bite size was not his middle name. It was like stuffing down a six foot hero. Oye! I did get it by the time we were finished, but it is slowly leaking out of my ear like guacamole. Couples dancing was a little rougher. I'm use to all the girls I know, but there were some really good dancers there and I felt like a numbskull trying to get it all. Hey if I'm not going to be hard on myself who else will? One of the good dancer's kepy holding my hand in a way that I felt like saying are we dating? I'm by far not a prude, but I believe somethings are appropriate when you are involved with someone. If not then their nothing really special is there?

Also I found it very interesting that the guys studio had no AC. Let me tell you we were all dripping when we came out of there.

So now I'm resting before I go back later for just normal dancing. Trying to leave my intimidation of the better female dancers at the door. I'm good with what I know and I have to remember that. My teacher drills it into my head every week. Better to be able to do a few thing really well than a lot poorly. Photos to follow.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I am not sure how hand holding could in any way be seen as too intimate. It's not that big of a deal.


Then you haven't had your hand held then.

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