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Well I have found out that after living by myself for 3 days I no longer close the bathroom door when I'm in there. Also with the place empty I'm more apt to hang around then on the outside somewhere.

So after my talk with my bro the other day it helped put thing in perspective in my mind. So I'm now taking steps to not fly by the seat of my pants through life. It's gotten me this far, but I know it's on borrowed time. I've had the life insurance for a while so Eric would have something if I wasn't here. With all my driving I got a roadside policy to help me on those long drives to NY. Next month I will put a health plan back into effect. I really never go to the doctor except to my shrink to get my meds. So I really just want to be covered if I ever went into the hospital which would destroy me financially.

Next on the list is talking to my friend Tuesday about all the changes in the home loan front. When I separated from my ex I filed bankruptcy since I was left with all the marital debt. I want to know how long it will affect me on this front so I can decide if I'll shoot for an apartment soon or save for a place down the line.

On the dating front. I'm hearing more from the crickets. This time around on Match I'm finding all the stories people talk about. The biggest one being people just wasting your time. I have to wonder if the Painter and I will ever go out. I'm happy to keep talkng to her since she is a nice person, but the rest I don't know. Honestly I don't really care. I don't like the game playing, but I feel like I'm 10 years younger and this is my time. It's always weird to find yourself after you had a child, but hey better late than never. So I enjoy my time.

Anwyay on the dating front I had another of my singles events tonight, Comedy Improv. It seems April who I dated last year was usurped even though it was her baby and replaced. The show was still very good and it was nice to go with a nice size crowd. I did meet the Doctor there. Let me tell you her picture on her profile didn't do her justice. I actually had to ask her name twice since her pic wasn't that flattering. She's a pennisula girl and I'm not happy about that, but she was nice to talk to.

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