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My brother and family arrived yesterday to visit our Mom. I got to Mom's a little early to help prepare her since her coping skills are low. It was a quiet day for her, but she was excited to have them come. Actually she couldn't sit still while we waited. She wanted me to push her around to distract her. Towards the end she wanted to hold my hand to wait. I know my brother and family couldn't tell, but Mom was happy and she looked like she would cry. She was a little bit overwhelmed and upset since she couldn't interact as well as she would like. I had gotten the Shouts & Ladders game in a tin for my niece. I knew my Mom would like to get her something. She was happy to have something in hand. Afterwards we walked her to dinner, but she didn't eat. She was too upset. We tried to help, but it was like dealing with a 1 year old and not liking the food.

It was a little hard for me to deal with everyone else. My Mom's anxiousness and my Brother having to deal with our Mom. Since he sees her about once to twice a year it's hard for him.

We went out to a nice restaraunt down on the ocean. It worked out well since it was happy hour and everything was discounted. It was nice to see everyone again especially my niece who had grown.

This morning I met them for a visit to the Aquarium. They need to get better volunteers there. My SIL went back to the car to put jackets back in there since it is in the 60's today. We were being shown stuff by a volunteer. He told us about the next exhibit and would tell my SIL where we went. Well we go see it and wait and wait. So we figure what is going on she had to be back by then. So we go back out and the guy is gone. Thanks buddy. My SIL had wandered into a different part of the place.

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