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Sane Friends

Ahhhh Haaaaa

Well with emailing back and forth today with Law girl I found out I had her wrong phone number. Guess that was the problem in talking with her. So we talked some tonight and I'll pick her up Friday to go get some sushi for dinner. She just lives down the road from me which we both found funny.

I pushed hard against my normal grain to keep contact with another potential. Don't know enough of her yet to give her a nickname. However I don't want to burn a bridge if Law girl and I don't work out. I'll know more after a real date. In the past I've dropped everything at this point and it leaves me high and dry if it doesn't workout. So I'm trying not to be so black and white. It's really difficult since I'm a focuser. I like the number one. You don't have to split yourself to deal with multiple objects.

Wine and Jazz and the Art museum went well tonight with the singles crowd. It was different. You take a group of people and place them together and their can be some awkward times. I really wanted to see the Gordon Parks travelling exhibit. I go to the museum often enough to know everything else. The other attendees were newbies to it all. The jazz group was very good and it was nice to walk through the museum hearing them play. Also the price is free on these nights so its something I'll do again. One thing I really wanted to know is how the Florist and this other guys date went. His name is Mike also and he emailed the Florist and gave her some compliments especially about her outfits, which is pretty much saying you like her cleavage. Ever outfit I've seen the Florist wear has had a plunging neck line that has shown off her ample breasts. Anyway she thought is was me and emailed me back then called to say sorry. Back to tonight. The Florist usually has her ex husband or ex fiance drive her to these events. Not a great thing if you are trying to meet someone, but I don't think she gets it. Anyway Mike seemed like he was still into her, but she was with the guy she's still living with. Yes way too much drama. So I'm just curious.

A new housemate will be arriving Saturday. I'll call her Friday. I already joked about her real name which is the same as an actress's. I was surprised that my Landlord went for it with her. She's a smoker and there is no smoking in the house. He said he has no problem kicking her out if she breaks the rule. He told me how my life would be affected. The washroom probably would smell like smoke since her day stuff would be there. Also her 2 year old when visiting would use my tub for bathing so I might have a rubber duckie left in there. Let me tell you. If a rubber duckie being left in my bathroom was the total of my problems I would count my blessings.

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