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What I've Learned

One of the things I've learned on my journey is that if you don't want to smack into anything. You shouldn't run around with your eyes closed. Everyday I realize this a little bit more and expand it to new areas of my life. I would like to say it would be easier with more money, but when I had it I still ran with scissors. So now I have to manage my day to day affairs if I want things to turn out good. I know rocket science.

On another note I would like to take yoga again. I've been tossing around for a while, but Tara's class while has increased in size just doesn't do it for me anymore. The price is right, but I'm really tired of the basics. So I think I'll try and hit one of the studios in the area. I know of a good one, it's just time. Shit I can't believe I'm saying that when I'm not working a second job. However looking at their schedule it's hard to get to what I want unless I do an hour of yoga then head over to salsa. NOT!

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Love the new pic, and . . . men do yoga?


wow! yoga?! impressive. does that mean you're super bendy?


My daughter does that back bending thing in her ballet class. I tried it... not the best idea! ;)
Do you ever go to Chick's or Bubba's? I used to love those places... and the Galleria for Italian... yum!


I must be strange because I think the new pic is not flattering at all.


How timely...I'm making my valiant return to yoga tomorrow. I've done it off and on for years. Best form of exercise around.

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