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Sane Friends

Post Date Report #6

Well I finally got a new cellphone today to replace my dying one. So I texted Law girl telling her I couldn't wait to see her.

So I picked up a bouquet of flowers for her and a card for her coming birthday. I took her over to Guadalajara's which is one of her favorite restaurants. The food was great and we got to talk and joke around.

Afterwards I read her mind and we went down to walk on the boardwalk. It was windy, but nice. I told her I realized I didn't want to date anyone else. She seemed pleasantly surprised. She didn't say anything on her end, but I usually not looking for any response. However a little while later she asked about my dating history. We didn't go into numbers, but I could tell she went out less, but for longer periods than me. She also stated somethings I had said a date or 2 ago about being very relaxed around me and really enjoying her time.

When the cold finally got to us we decided to grab a DVD and watch it at her place. We got Death at a Funeral which was really funny and worth seeing. Law girl is a snuggly person who likes to sit close on the couch with our legs intertwined and holding hands is a given. The kissing thing I'm going to have to tackle next time. She's great hugging, but a prolonged kiss isn't happening.

I have to admit Law girl is the only woman I've dated this many times and haven't been more physical with. It's different, but I'm really enjoying my time with her so I'm okay with it. I really do want that prolonged kiss, but know that will start the physical. Deep down I know that's why Law girl is holding off.

So I think our routine will be one lunch during the week and depending on the weekends she has her son is how many nights we'll see of each other.

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This sounds very promising...and good job with the flowers.

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