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Casual Friday

I haven't done casual around here in a while so I figured today was the day. Jeans and sneakers feel so good. I hate reschedule days like today. Everything is nicely packed and then boom it all changes and I have these holes of time that I don't know what to do with. There not large enough for me to run errands.

Anyway I'm really looking to seeing Law girl tonight. She already emailed me that she was looking forward to it. I tell you I'm really looking forward to Easter dinner. A woman cooking food for me. Woohoo! Last time a woman cooked for me I think I was still living at home. Okay my ex did cook for me about 5 times in our 10 year marriage, but it was an arm twist so I don't remember them fondly. Dating we usually go out or I've cooked so this is big for me. I feel like Al Bundy getting all excited watching Peg actually do housework. Hey I never said I wasn't strange.

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Casual Friday to me is sitting in my pj's and working on my couch.

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