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Sane Friends

Salsa not Selzer

I was not looking forward to dancing last night. I really haven't been into it over the last month since the jam which was really fun. So I got there and I did get into it. However when I started dancing I wasn't looking to be this great dancer, just to have fun. I've done a lot over the years and I know how much time is needed to be put into something to really excel.

It was fun and I took classes to bond with everyone. However I don't go out 3-4 times a week to do it, go up and down the Eastern seaboard to different salsa events. So there is a growing rift between everyone else and me in our abilities. I'm okay with that, but one of my female classmates let me have it last night with a what the hell are you doing. It stung and the fun drained out of it. Is this what parents talk about with their kids, sports, and the desire of excellence? Everyone else was cool about it, but it did make me think. I would keep dancing, but I'm not quite sure about classes anymore. I'll have to think on it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

So this woman thinks that if you're not obsessive about it, you shouldn't be there at all?

What a crock of shit. You can tell her I said so. :-)


What a buzzkill. She obviously hates fun.

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