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My Vanilla Life

One of my adoring fans said I was the most vanilla person they ever heard of. I had to think for a while on that. I had to admit it was kind of a compliment to how much my life has changed over the years. Having seen many therapists over the years, they all said the same thing. They were impressed that I had made something of myself and wasn't in jail or making meth someplace.

It's interesting to get to a place you could never in vision. I guess now a days I face the usual problems of Mr. & Mrs. America. However like the earlier post today, a small part of me misses the insanity, the violence, the sex, the drugs, the alcohol, etc. I was birthed in a cauldron of the stuff and it's taking 4 decades to finally be mostly clean of it. So this is what people call "average"? Bizarre.

On the Law girl side of things. Her kids are cooking for her Monday so I told her I wanted to take her out and to let me know what day. That question has been ignored so far. However she has offered to rub my shoulders for me. A woman rub my shoulders? What is the world coming to? Hell even when I dated a massage therapist I gave out more massages. I could like this vanilla life.

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Massage? Who said massage?

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