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Sane Friends


Well I got some vindication last night while I was talking to Eric. They've been having problems at the house mostly because my ex doesn't keep up with anything. And for a person who likes things clean she's a slob. However this is neither here or there. What Eric said was they got new furniture. WTF! This from a woman who doesn't work. I know she must of asked her rich aunt for money. So what do you do when your not working, you redecorate. It was nice to hear because it reminds me why we never had any money. No matter how much I made we were always scrapping by. I make about a 1/10 of what I use to make and I survive. It's just baffling. Well actually not I know she is a very unhappy person and she believes all the new stuff will make her better.

This year I've taken the bull by the horns and asked my patients to vote for me for the Best of the Beach. Our annual event. It would be a great marketing thing for the office. Usually I just hope, but as I've learned many times if your waiting for something to happen you're going to keep waiting. Action is needed.

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