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Sane Friends

Post Date Report

I met Law Girl at Knuckleheads for Happy Hour. She had saved me a seat next to her and it was good to see and hug her. I got to meet some of her Woohoo Sistahs. They were very nice people that do good work in the area. We were there about 3 hours. Talking, drinking, and eating. Law girl and I were very touchy feely which I liked. We talked some and decided to paint her room on Sunday before the show. It seems to take her hours to do it. I saw the room and I know I can do it in 15 minutes. Plus I could see her more so I liked my plan.

Anyway as the night went on I asked if she wanted to rent a move and she agreed. The waitress put both our tabs together. I forget how much "drinks" cost, however Law girl said she would pay since I had been paying for everything. Before we left she said she already had a movie at her place that she hadn't seen. I didn't care i just wanted to spend time with her.

So I got to see all of her place. I had already met Buddy the dog, but I also got to see Whisper and Cheddar the cats. One other cat was MIA in the house. The DVD was damaged so we ended up watching CSI: Miami. We hopped on the couch in each others arms and talked and watched TV. I tried kissing her a few times, but she always gives me the quick kiss. In all other aspects she has no problem. She was even more initiating physical contact which she hasn't done to this point. However this kissing thing is starting to rub on me. My ex and I didn't kiss for the last 5 years of our marriage. Kissing is big in a relationship. So I'm going to need to talk to her about this. Is it shyness or what?

Anyway we'll talk some tomorrow and see each other again on Sunday.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It sounds like a good time, but I hear you on the kissing... Maybe she's just taking it slow. If she is making progress on the initiation of physical contact, maybe she'll also make progress on the kissing front soon. I'd say wait it out for one more date and keep on trying for it to last longer, and if this time it's still a no-go then talk to her.

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