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As some of you already know I bounce back pretty fast when I take care of myself. So that was my driving force since yesterday. So day I feel good and I'm enjoying the day. Also I have a date tomorrow. If she earns a second date I'll give her a nickname. We'll do the Starbucks acid test to see if there is any chemistry.

Besides that I have a few rants. I got a letter from child support saying that I could be eligible for a tax refund for the money I pay. Hey I'm pretty excited. I go through the whole list with immense joy as it all pertains to me except the last one. I have to be a NY resident. WTF! Why are you sending me this when I live in Virginia? You have to put the address on the letter fart knocker.

My other rant is that it has been a gorgeous week here, sunny 70's. What do we have for the weekend? 50's and rain. WTF!

5 people had cathartic therapy:

You will find the right person when it is meant to be.
Just have fun dating different women and relax until then!



Good to hear you're back in the game!!

And hey, at least it isn't freezing there anymore. 50's beats 30's any day.


I'm glad you're bouncing back!


Bastards law states it will always rain on a weekend after beautiful weather all week. Boo to that.


A tax break for people paying child support?? More information please if it pans out. That would be great news for me.

I like the blog -- which I found by way of Miss Ginmormous Boobs.

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