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Sane Friends

A Big Thanks

Most people when they think about flashers the image of some scruffy guy in a tan raincoat comes to mind. I remember talking to a friend years ago and she was talking about flashing. I was intrigued. She said when she was feeling low she would flash someone. I asked how again thinking of the raincoat. She said she would make sure to wear something loose. Then bend over so a guy could get a good look at her breasts.
This came to mind a little while ago when the blond from next door came over to see if I had change of a twenty. While I was checking she flashed me. I want to thank all the women who have flashed me and to let you know if you're ever feeling low and need to flash someone. I'm here for you.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I never thought of it that way.

The next time I'm feeling 'blah,' though . . .


And that really is something a guy likes ???

And here I'm always so modest, worrying someone will think I'm dressed like a slut if I have cleavage showing...

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