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The Reviews are In

My last patient informed me that my office is the most laid back office she has ever been in. I wasn't quite sure if she meant it as an insult or compliment. I said I was a laid back person and that I've done the quantity over quality before and I didn't enjoy it. She told me my patients enjoy it. I hope so. Every once in a while someone will say something specific, but mostly that it's nap time when they come in for treatment.

Since I've put dating on hold I've increased the Singles Events. Movies, Strawberry festival and a rotating restaurant event. Tomorrow I'll hopefully stop by and find a Happy Hour place for this month. It's nice to be getting all the great feedback. I wish I had more people helping me schedule events so that their would be more choices. Oh well only so much I can do.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Happy Tuesday Mike ! A laid back office sounds like a nice place to get chiropractic treatment - would ease your stress immediately.


Laid back is always good. You don't want to leave your place feeling all tense.

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