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I think I'm taking a break from dating for a while or at least till have some more money in my pocket. Actually with all the bad happenings of late I'm becoming pessimistic with it all. I'm okay with rejection since it goes with the territory of being a guy. What's getting to me are the lies. "I'll call" or "I'm separated" have the top 2 positions. So I find myself already saying in my head "yeah sure" when I'm told I will be contacted. Even with the massage therapist that wants to sublease from me. I'm going to call her today since I haven't heard back from her. In my head I'm already saying she's going to screw me on this and not call or come. This is not the way to date.

So I'll keep the Singles events going strong in the meantime. The Funny Bone event last night was the best show I ever saw there and everyone had a great time. Everyone wants to do it every week. If I can get free tickets I'll do it as often as possible.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

When I started dating again, after 18 years of marriage, I had to quickly come up with some rules. For instance, when a man said he would call, I would say, "When?" He would invariably give me a time. And I would say, "Okay. Five o'clock it is. If you haven't called by 5:10, it's bye bye. I won't be available any further." They would say, "But... but... what if something happens? What if there's an emergency?" I would say, "Well then call."

Got rid of a bunch of losers REAL quick. I do NOT wait for calls.

And anyone who says, "I'm separated," is NOT ready to be in a relationship. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Not even on their best day. They are ready only to play. That's it.


Dating. UGH. Scares the hell out of me.


Teri - yeah I use to not date separates, but a friend said I was being to rigid so I tried. I don't think so.


Yep. Separates are no good. They might make a great partner at some point, but they are not even finished with the other thing yet.

No good.


Anna ~ I LOVE dating. But only because I do it for fun. I think if you're doing it to "find" someone, it's gonna suck.

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