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Resentment Over Taxes

Many years ago when I first started my career. I was married and making very good money. Each year we use to go to get our taxes done we use to get screwed over. We were making too much money, we were married, etc. It was a raping. Once we owned property that all changed, but that really affected me. Why do I bring this up you say? Well my book keeper called today to ask a few questions before finishing off my taxes. Last year was the first year I made a profit for the business. Not a big one, by a long stretch, but a profit. I got hit with the unemployment insurance for 6 hundred. Yeowch! Another freakin' bill that I don't want. However in working through my anger I wonder if not deep down is this fear of being burned again underneath it all. Never getting to big so I won't get raped over again like I use to. I'm much better with finances than I use to be, but their is always some insanity mixed in it.

I picked up boxes from the liquor store today to start packing whatever I want to put in storage tomorrow. I have the free time so I'll make the move between units then and over the weekend move the 2 large items I have here.

It was funny today at my Membership Committee meeting, one of my committee said someone had made the complaint that I'm too strict in the general meeting. I told her I took it as a compliment. LOL. That's my job to be a hard ass so that we do a lot of business like we are. My philosophy is that if you don't kick some ass most people just don't put the effort into it.

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