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Eric called me to find out if he could watch the new Star Wars movies that are being played on broadcast TV. It was interesting and nice to be back in the loop. I told he the Phantom Menace was okay for him, but to wait on the other 2. He was very pleased. It was funny since episode 1 was the first movie he ever attended.
My ex and I had to take Eric for testing that morning to rule out any seizure activity. So I had taken the day off and the movie had opened the week before. He slept through almost the whole thing. Waking up during the big battle at the end. In feeding him I missed Obi slicing Darth Maul. Oh well, what we do for our kids.

Dating seems to be going into hiatus. At present their are no women of interest on Match. So I'll have to fall back to my old stand by of life which I have to admit I like better.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I have to admit I slept through most of it too!


That is great that he called. It sounds as if he misses having you around. If only they lived closer.

As for dating... hey, there is nothing wrong with a multi pronged strategy! ;)


match is scary (to me, at least) but that may be because i'm in a small town.


Hope your boy is okay!

Re dating.... sometimes I think it's just a wonder that any of us ever connect.

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