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The Sunday Wrap Up

Even with the time change I still woke up a few minutes before 8 this morning. I could have slept. Anyway since the fall has finally come to the area I had to iron shirts for the week. That was the great thing about summer. Polo shirts really don't need to be ironed.

So I have joined the bandwagon of save the cheerleader, save the world. It took several episodes, but Heroes did grow on me. Now I just need to see the rest of the season.

Today's health fair went well although I think I might have seen more adults than kids. Kids are always fun to deal with and I was very surprised to see how many flat feet were not being treated out there. I'm glad it ended a little early. As soon as the bouncy castle came down I was out of there. The 4 hours were long.

The best part of it was that Spa Girl gave me a call. We talked for a few minutes. She couldn't do tomorrow, but wanted to do next week. I was okay with it, but I have to admit I hate this waiting around. In waiting to see if it will work out with the basics I have no patience and I guess that is my lesson here. She was apologetic about charging me for my hair and said next time it would be free. She keeps saying she needs to come see me. I told her to stop on over. She said she would have to wait till she got insurance. Part of me wants to say don't worry about it and the other says just wait. If we start dating I will have no problem, but I don't want her beholden to me if I'm treating her for free or if that is a secret plan of hers. Time will tell. I told her I would talk to her during the week. So I'll pop on over Wednesday to see her.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

no one is beholden if it's a barter arrangement... adjustments for hair cuts.


I know waiting sucks, but it sounds like a good plan for you right now, especially if you're not sure of her intentions quite yet.
I love your redecoration! I couldn't stand that pic of the woman with the humangus boobs, it freaked me out!

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