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Do As I Say Not As I Do

Well last entry, what 2 hours ago I was like I want to really date today, but I know I'm not doing so for the right motivation today. So what do I do I get a date with Spa girl. Wasn't really shooting for it. I stopped by the spa to talk to the owner about next week's visit to my business meeting. Spa girl came out and talked to me. So close I could reach out and touch her. Anyway I was a man on a mission mode so I told her I would see her Friday at the block party. When I turned around she was like I need to clean the back of my neck up. ????????? I was like WTH? Then I realized she was talking about my hair. So she said come back in and she would do it. She's the hairdresser so she cleaned it up for me. I was like can I take you out for coffee to pay you back. I can't believe how easy it rolled off my tongue. She said yes she would like that. I told her we'll talk Friday and set something up to at least a better head then. On a side note she is not married. I didn't check for the ring today, but I know she lives with a roommate.

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