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Sane Friends

Salsa Tuesdays

God I wish they would pass a smoking ban in bars down here. Right now it's up to the owners. Someone was smoking a cigar tonight and boy was it stinking up the place. For some reason we're dressing up for next Tuesdays get together. Hey I love dressing up, but to also do salsa. I don't know?

Anyway the Wild women group was weeded down this week although the 2 queens of the bunch were there to make up for it. Although I had to admit they were pretty tame tonight. Lori the bartender decided to join us tonight after many, many declines. She gave up on it pretty soon. I'm not quite sure if it was the 4" heels or the 2 honeydews strapped to her chest by shoe strings. It might have just been the combination of the two. I knew I couldn't watch her dance it was waaaaaaay too distracting.

I do wish there was more chemistry between W-Salsa girl and I. I know she likes me and I think she is very attractive, but I know every time we talk that it's not going to work. Glasses was back this week and I think she has moved off of me. I knew right off the bat we weren't a match. It was re-enforced tonight when she didn't no the difference between the male and female symbols.

I finally used some free time today to look in the thrift stores for some dancing shoes. Found some on the second try and got to try them out. Yes they do make a world of difference. Just have to watch I don't slide too much.

Happy to hear that we are going to make the get togethers earlier. Even the youngin's are staring to feel the lack of sleep withdrawal. Also Marquita is going to have class across the street at a dance studio first then come over to the club to practice which will be nice since Tuesdays has become a almost non-teaching night.

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