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Visited my Mom this morning and she was over in rehab. She was in the big circle when I got there. They said she was finished but figured they would let her stay to have fun. I asked if she wanted to stay or go out and she said she wanted to stay. She said she was having fun. I think it's a lot different from over in section. The colors are bright and there things happening. In her section (Alzheimer's and dementia) I know they take them out to do activities. I think some of the residents aren't able to cope with all of it. Mom just sat there, but I'm happy if she is happy. Anyway I got to talk with the occupational therapist and she's been working with Mom to help her to eat on her own again. Like I've been told it all depends on if Mom likes it or not. However she has been giving her electrical muscle stimulation and she says that Mom is starting to use her right hand which is good.

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Mike, that is wonderful news that your mom wanted to stay. So often people loathe those places, so I am happy to read that she is doing well there.

My prayers are still with your mom.


OH, dementia is my greatest fear. I worry that I will survive all the struggles and then not remember anything good!
I hope she is okay.

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