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Sane Friends

Salsa Tueday

I was very surprised to walk into the club tonight and find a crowd for salsa. WTH? A lot of the Monday night crowd was there plus the wild women of last week and friends (more in a sec). I plopped down next to W-salsa girl. I got to talk to her casually, but there is not enough chemistry for me to pursue anything. It was funny she had the most common reason I found women to be taking salsa. Weight loss. LOL. Bizarre. The rest of the females of our group I think are attractive, but not enough chemistry.

On to the wild women. They were back again and brought friends while dumping the men. I had to admit they were a little calmer this week although their ring leader was still as feisty. However their young friends they brought. Holy hell! I saw more skin on these women then you would see on a plumber's crack. One of them had 2 anti-gravity devices attached to her chest. Some were nice others crude, but not for me. We barely had enough guys to cover all the women. However they were just too many people in a small place an the wild women are just too loud to be taught over. So while we did learn some nice moves it was under harsh conditions. I was bummed I wasn't able to dance with anyone at my level or above to practice more advanced moves I did at least get to practice what we learned.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Ewwwwww....Dude... that chick..in that picture....Dude...that's just...that's just...unnatural! And Nasty! ewwww...... ;P

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