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Columbus Day

God I hate these Monday holidays. Most people think that I would be busier on these days, but the opposite is true. Most of my patients want to get away from it all when they come in and a Monday holiday just ain't it. It becomes a test of boredom. I actually forgot about the holiday. Not living with Eric anymore I have no idea about most holidays anymore. I was going to go to the gym this morning then I realized as I was hopping in bed last night that it would be closed due to the holiday. So that coupled with a dead day I slept in a little later this morning.

Visited my Mom this morning and I got to talk to the nurse. She said Mom never speaks. Only when I'm around which I found interesting. She also said Mom hit another resident this morning something she has never done before. I know when she was in assisted living every blue moon she would act strange. In helping her into the wheelchair this morning I realized Mom's whole right side is weaker now. So it will be something else for the list on Wednesday.

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