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So This is Where All the Dicks Hang Out

I finished up with my last patient last so I had to hightail it over to salsa class. Our first early one. Also dress up for Halloween so I changed shoes and socks while driving. Hey if you ladies can do make up I can do this. Anyway Marquita said it's right across the street from our usual club. 20 minutes later I still can't find the damn place. So I figure I'll head to 111's and wait for everyone to show up. Christine is there and she says that the stores across the street also have a backside row. Grrrr. So I hoped to catch the tail end of class. Turns out I'm the only one there. I think everyone is so use to coming out late that getting there early is going to take time. So we ended hanging out and getting snacks while we waited and waited. Slowly people started showing up, NOT in costumes. So Marquita and myself sort of stood out. More people came, but they were ALL guys. By 9:30 we had 8 guys and 0 women besides our teacher. Christine said she is too pregnant now to spin and the Wild women weren't there. A little after 10 I decided to cut out to get some sleep. One woman had showed up with another guy. When I was walking out W Salsa girl was walking in. (The W stands for Wendy so I can use it with different letters.)

So far I am 2 for 2 on new patient no shows. People have some decency and call to cancel. It's called having balls, get some.

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What's wrong with meat markets? I rather enjoy them myself. ;-)

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