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WOW! What a Weekend

And I must have missed it, but my patients didn't. The phone rang and rang and rang this morning. Everyone is hurting and wants to come in. I was popular with the ladies last week and now this week with my patients which is always good. It's always wierd to have to squeeze people in since I'm use to having a break between patients. Well let's hope the trend continues. Now everyone run around outside blindfolded with scissors in thier hands.

I had an appointment with my bank's financial person. I have enough people outside the institution do do anything if I had actual money, but I was wondering if I could get better rates on my business accounts like not paying monthy service charges. Anyway what I was surprised to find was that when we talking about an overdraft protection the only thing stopping me was my bankruptcy from 2 years ago. My numbers were all still good which I was really surprised to hear. However before all this started I was around 800 so it was heartwarming to know my numbers were still good.

Got an even stranger email from the Geisha this morning. She's still pretty strong on me stopping by and gave me her cell number, but it's still weird to see what her intentions are. I'm waiting for my experts to give me their say so. If you want to join in let me know.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I don't know Mike... she wants *you* to stop by and give her your cell #? that's seems....odd. Which, interesting enough...is a word that you keep using when you talk about her. :) think that means something? hmmm.... do ya? ha..ha!

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