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Mystery Solved

Forget the elliptical and do salsa. My instructor was saying how are steps are just like being on an elliptical. Jeez dance 2 hours and I now knew why all my pants were becoming tight around the thighs and no where else. Hell I left the club with me jeans tighter than I went in. We started later tonight than usual and way under girled. 3 girls to 8 guys. I finally found out I only been doing this for 6 weeks so I felt real good about my progress and did well tonight. I did meet W-salsa girl tonight. I thought she was attractive and then we got to dance a while together. I played stupid since I thought she was the married girl from last week. Lucky for me she wasn't. She says we danced before over at the Tropicana. We got to talk a little and she said she was coming tomorrow night to dance. I'm hoping so we can talk more. I feel more chemistry with her than I did with Spa girl. I think Spa girl falls into the category that she likes me and I know it so that is increasing my attraction. I don't know if there is enough chemistry there. Hence how well I was able to think things out when we together. So I will put her on the back burner since she is right across the way from the office. I tell you it is a little different for me. I'm use to see a girl I like, pounce, and ask her out. Trying to not pounce anymore. It is easier when I know I will see the woman again.

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I am sooooo looking into salsa lessons around here.

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