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Sane Friends


Comedy Improv was hilarious as always and a great way to spend a Sunday night. April was a good sport since she became the star of the show with the continuous "April has a huge vagina" comment that dominated a number of games. Yeah that top hat of hers just slowly sunk over her entire head as the jokes flew. One thing I realized looking and interacting with April is that I probably wouldn't be able to be friends with CPA girl. April and I only went a few times and it was fun, but not enough chemistry. So I see her every month at the event since she is the MC and I think hey she's attractive and I know why I went out with her. However in the back of my head is the notion to go out with her again. I would never ask, but the thought is there. Now CPA girl I felt a LOT more connected than I did April. I don't think I could make the transition. I mention this because enough people say since we hit it off so well to be friends. Some people maybe able to do it, but not me.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I hear you dude! There have been few..okay....NO guys that I've ever dated and had feelings for that could transition into the "only friends" role. It just never worked. Because if were weren't together as a couple, there was always old "couple issues" on my mind that prevented us to be friends.

Glad to know it's not just me. :)

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