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Sane Friends

Fun at the Fair

Well the health fair went well. I got at least one solid patient out of it and a few military people that ALWAYS need to check there schedules. I was happy my patient won the grand prize since she drove a long distance to come. She always supports me in my events so it was a $500 personal chef cook. Very nice.

I am always truly amazed at how low a woman can wear a top and not have her breast fall out. It really goes against physics. I noticed this lady as soon as she walked in the gym. She ended up coming over to ask questions. I felt like asking, "aren't you scared their going to fall out, especially when you start working out?"

The true comedy of errors was when we were helping put the chef's stuff back in his minivan. Rich had parked it for him, but since I got something out of there he asked me where it was. So I told him at the end of the line. So he drives back up and we open it and I'm looking. This doesn't look like his van. But the key worked. So we start loading and there is just extra stuff that wasn't there before. But the key worked. So we went in and asked the chef. We had the wrong van. So we had to unload it and put it back where it belong. Then got the right one. Different companies and everything.

I need to contact my ex since the phone still doesn't work right. Eric called during the fair and I had to go and I told him I would call him back. The customer ended up being a complete asshole. So when I tried to call back nothing. RRRRRR!!!! This sucks.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

don't worry. there is a secret to keeping your top in place.. even those cut to the navel J-Lo type dresses.

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