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Sane Friends


A slow day to end the week. I have a ton of phone calls to make, but just can't get the umph to do them. I guess Monday it is. No real anxiety with seeing the Geisha tonight. I didn't start it so I don't feel as I've invested as much. However the one thing I'm a little nervous about is picking her out. When I met her I wasn't on look for anyone. The only reasons she is stored in my brain is a) she is a woman (couldn't remember a guy to save my life) b) she won my door prize c) she was the only Asian there. Now you might say hey she might be the only Asian tonight. WRONG! I'm meeting her at the Japanese restaurant where she works. So I'll just look for the Asian lady with black hair. Oye. She said she would be up front. I was hoping she would be in the back so I could ask for her. Now I'm hoping she is the only one up front. Could lose a lot of brownie points by not recognizing her. I feel like Jerry Seinfeld "Mulva?"

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I hope you do recognize her, because believe me, brownie points are something you do not want to lose especially on the first date!

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