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Sane Friends

When 1 Window Closes a Rock Gets Thrown Through Another

Well I emailed She's sister last night. Nothing to lose. Anyway Vanessa emailed me back. I had a funny feeling when She wouldn't say her age. Vanessa said I was too old for her that she had been looking at my website for a pillow and had been why didn't She hook up with me. And She had said she would set Vanessa and me up. We discussed health a little bit and I offered her to call or stop by to learn more about the profession.

So I emailed everyone from the health fair Wednesday offering them to come in for a free consultation. The woman who won my door prize emailed me back. She gave me her chiropractic history (age 59) then where and when she works. Also the offer for us to get more acquainted if I'm in the area of her work where she goes by a different name. I actually had to read the email a few times cause I felt like I was having a stroke in trying to understand it. Can this be what I think its saying?

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Huh? Is she offering you SEX???

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